About us

A business culture driven by talent
and attention to detail.

We design and manufacture
lighting devices and control systems specifically destined for the furniture lighting sector, offering a wide, varied range of ideas and solutions.

A business culture
driven by talent
and attention to detail.

Our company,
founded not far from Venice in the north east of Italy, in a region with strong industrial traditions, has flourished in international markets due to its pragmatic approach, creative flair and technological expertise. A selected sales network distributes our lighting appliances in over 70 countries in all the continents, from the Americas to Oceania, guaranteeing the client expertise and assistance.

Our collaboration with designers has enabled us to develop solutions that combine the best Italian creativity with functionality. Research, innovation, design, reliability, not to mention a focus on safety, sustainability and ethics when managing the brand’s relations and reputation are the values that set us apart, reflected fully in our products.

Our products are structured in four collections of lighting devices, designed for the furniture in home environments and commercial spaces. These are joined by a line of accessories, including sensors, converters and control systems.
Domus Line – Domus Bath – Domus Classic – Domus Design – Domus Extra

Our in-depth knowledge of the sector, fruit of our long experience and a constant activity of study and analyses, means that we design our products with a watchful eye on all the aspects and complexities we need to keep in mind.

Each one of our systems is developed depending on the type of furniture in which it will be incorporated and, in turn the kind of setting into which this will be slotted.

Our task is to pro-actively support the furniture industry, anticipating its requirements and personalising our approach based on solutions that perfectly fulfil our objectives.

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