Lighting up a home with LED sources is the equivalent of planting 16 trees


A study conducted by Politecnico di Milano has calculated that the average consumption of a standard block of flats lit with 80 halogen lamps for 375 hours/year is 3,000 kWh/year. An intervention replacing these with Led sources would result in an estimated energy saving of at least 60%, a percentage that increases to 78% in the case of the installation of an advanced control system integrating manual dimmers, on-off presence sensors, scheduled timed switch-ons and a control system with wireless communication protocols such as, for instance, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The study also highlighted that the CO2 saving, equal to 511.2 kg/year, corresponds to 16 treesplanted every year. With advanced control systems, the kg of CO2/year saved increase to over 660, the equivalent of 19 trees.

This study is clear proof that lighting plays a crucial role in creating truly green homes. These days, the specialised lighting designer is an essential figure when it comes to ensuring the correct design of our buildings and the renovation of the existing building stock.

Homes and luminaires, both for generallighting and specific uses, like those on furnishing systems, will join forces and become environmentally-friendly systems. While guaranteeing a tighter rein on consumption and a significant economic saving, they will also offer more comfort and wellness to the people who use them.

With the digitalised lighting systems currently in use, people can already use light when, how and where they need it. Thehome therefore becomes a place capable of offering significant advantages in terms of visual comfort and a space that can enhance our quality of life.

These are the gauntlets thrown down by the directive that aims to reduce the emission of GHGs and the energy consumption in the construction field by 2030, and to become climate neutral by 2050, considering that approximately 21 million homes will be renovated by 2033.

Less energy, less pollution, less expenditure, better health!