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For any company, big or small, choosing a trusted industrial or commercial partner is a complex, delicate process. When selecting a supplier, particularly for electrical appliances - which are strictly regulated on the international market - competence, professionalism and reliability are all fundamental elements. Particularly when dealing with supplies of components or services that are [...]

Customs duties? The real war is fought on non-tariff barriers!

Despite the recent agreement, the tariffs war being fought between the United States and China seems more like a chess game between the two main global economies, in which the moves made by the US President are followed by the counter-attacks of the President of the People’s Republic of China. The rhetoric around this war […]

The new WEEE Directive on electric and electronic waste: what will change from 15th August 2018?

From 15th August 2018 “open scope” will come into force, the update of the WEEE Directive which has been regulated the disposal of electric and electronic equipment waste in the European market for many years. This update will introduce a new classification of electrical and electronic devices with six new categories: Temperature exchange equipment (fridges, freezers, air conditioning, etc.). Screens, […]