Integrated skills

Integrated skills
as part of a full service.

The strength of our ability to operate using a system of integrated skills lies in the fact that we can guarantee professional technical support and excellent commercial advice.

Bespoke design

We offer a bespoke lighting device and control system design service for home and commercial décors, coordinating the activity using software for advanced applications and relying on 3D graphics and virtual presentations.

Rapid prototyping

We perform rapid prototyping, to effectively verify any problems, as well as check the look and functionality of the product, with a view to obtaining an impeccable result and reducing the time to market.

Lighting tests

We carry out meticulous lighting tests, measuring light flow, colour temperature and colour rendering index with extreme precision, in conformity with the international regulations in force and in line with the EU directive on eco-friendly design.

Commercial consultancy

We have always strived to increase our knowledge of matters that go beyond the strictly technical sphere, and transform them into added value for our customers. The commercial consultancy service offered to our authorised distributors is proof of our commitment in this area. We help them identify the most appropriate strategies and plan sales support activities, outlining detailed schedules and measuring the results.

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