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“Furnishing with light is one of the trickiest aspects to get right in a home. It requires using an intangible component to shape spaces, enhance rooms, convey emotions and suggest use for the people who will be experiencing these spaces and rooms.

META is a furnishing element designed to discreetly accompany everyday life in the kitchen, the living room and the bedroom, wherever there is the need to furnish while offering technological performance that goes beyond the simple concept of a furnishing accessory.

Being able to manage the brightness, colour temperature and direction of the light beam, USB-C ports and electrical sockets and implementing the capability of interfacing with voice assistants, are functions that transcend being a common piece of furniture and make META the archetype of a new generation of smart accessories.”

– Andrea Federici –



META-100, recommended for application in the kitchen, ensures order while giving the decor an extremely light effect.


multifunctional shelf

META-150 is recommended for setting up bookcases, minimalist wall units, decorating entrance halls as a pocket emptier, as a shelf at the side of bed.

META-150 can be configured with a converter and wiring to power the integrated light sources in the SYSTEMA structural profile. The profile accommodates X-DRIVER, X-DRIVER D-MOTION, and EASi DRIVER power supplies, of any power rating and configurable with modules to manage RF (Radio Frequency), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals. META-150 can also be configured with two USB-C outlets located on the side cap. The two outlets are powered by the converter integrated into the profile.

META features a structural linear profile (SYSTEMA) fitted with two single or dual colour D-Motion and D-Motin Wave light sources, one on the lower side and one on the upper side, combined with elegant shelves having a depth of 100 mm (META-100) and 150 mm (META-150).

The shelf hooks onto the groove of the structural profile with a simple gesture allowing the product to be configured according to specific space organisation requirements.


LED profile with dual light source

SYSTEMA is a structural lighting profile with double light chamber and groove for the META shelves.

Made from extruded aluminium, it integrates a dual single-colour (UHE6B 280 LED/m 10W/m), dual-colour D-Motion (SHE6B 168+168 LED/m 10W/m) or dual-colour D-Motion Wave (HE6B 120+120 LED/m 14W/m) light source. 

The fitting system, with concealed screws and support, is used for installation on surfaces in brick, plasterboard, wood, etc. 


Blank opened magazine with cover. Vector mockup template illustration.


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