AUTOSTORE. The space-saving storage and picking system. Introducing the new robotised warehouse of Domus Line


Over the last five years, Domus Line has launched a plan with a view to renewing its production and logistics system. A design that has drastically renewed the production, supply chain management and logistics areas, enabling the company to boost its:


Productivity, quality, reliability and efficiency are the four key elements constantly considered by the market when evaluating its players. The lead time to customer has become a particularly important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction, and Domus Line has focused on the need to reduce its picking times, so accelerating its productivity levels and significantly reducing its delivery times.



Over the last few months, we have completely reconfigured the logistics of our components and semi-finished products, by setting up a new robotised warehouse. The structure has a total volume of 2,500 cubic metres, and it is equipped with 10,000 containers and 6 robots operating 24/7, controlled by specific algorithms and interconnected with all the company software. AutoStore regulates its own movements based on the quantity of orders received, enabling an optimum distribution of the materials, which are supplied to the picking bays by the scheduled times.

The products are handled and the stock is created based on the production requirements, in a system that reflects the needs of the orders registered on a daily basis.

With AutoStore we have also optimised our space, eliminating more than 8,000 pallet places (Ultra-Density), reducing the average picking time by 50% and reducing the handling operations and the movement of loads and forklifts, making the logistic department a safer operating environment.