Domus Line celebrates the 21 Year Anniversary: when celebration met solidarity


Messaggero Veneto, newspaper of Friuli Venezia Giulia, on Saturday October 14th, spoke about the charity initiative that Domus Line created on Tuesday 10th during the Sicam week.

The company invited customers, suppliers and friends to the Domus20+1 party to celebrate its 21 Year Anniversary with great Italian wines and good music. During the evening, all the guests were invited to pose for a Polaroid in front of a special photocall background, and for each picture taken Domus Line offered a contribution to support ANFFAS Pordenone, Association of Families of Intellectual and Relational Disabilities.

The initiative had been successful and all the guests were enthusiastic to receive back a polaroid that will remind them the evening and, at the same time, to contribute for a good cause.