Domus Line obtains authorised exporter status


The company continues to develop its logistics-customs platform.

Following its REX qualification, Domus Line has now also obtained authorised exporter statusIssued by the Italian customs authorities, the authorisation (IT/003/PN/21) allows us to certify the preferential origin of products directly on the invoice, eliminating the Eur1 certificate.

Using this procedure, we have eliminated the time required to issue the certificate, and the related costs, as well as the risk of errors between what stated in the invoice and what stated on the certificate, which may constitute a criminal offence.

This is certainly a competitive advantage for the company, speeding up and simplifying customs paperwork.

Valid for most European countries and some other non-EU countries, including Switzerland, Norway, Mexico, Ukraine, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, the authorised exporter status is the latest step towards full autonomy in managing customs procedures.

This will allow us to perform all customs procedures directly at the production site in Porcia.