EnabLED licensing program – Domus Line has signed the agreement with Signify


Domus Line has officially joined the “EnabLED licensing program for LED Luminaires and Retrofit Bulbs” by Signify, the new corporate name of Philips Lighting, world leader in the LED-connected lighting products, systems and services sector. Through the agreement with the Eindhoven-based multinational, Domus Line now has access to over 3000 world patents that can be exploited to develop new products and technologies in the LED lighting sector.

Domus Line will be able to integrate over 400 cutting-edge technologies patented by Signify into its products, reducing the development times for some luminaires and with the possibility to design other new and even more innovative ones.

The frontiers of LED technology development continue to expand and evolve, offering new applications and thus generating new opportunities. The development of innovative LED application solutions requires significant investments in research and design, with the EnabLED agreement, Domus Line will accelerate its own developments and innovation and reduce its time-to-market.

“As a partner of the EnabLED programme, we are able to exploit Signify’s leadership and know-how in the LED lighting sector, and in the coming years we will supply the market with products and technologies that are even more ahead of their time, consistently with the expectations of our customers”

Eliano Chiesurin
Chairman of Domus Line


The EnabLED programme gives us access to a wide variety of technologies we can use to design and develop our own product ranges, from luminaires to control systems to Connected LED lighting technology”

Denis Venier
Domus Line product manager.