From process optimisation to product customisation


During the last three years, Domus Line has undertaken a profound renewal of its production and logistics system, enabling it to optimise the efficiency of its processes and their efficacy in responding to the market’s expectations. As part of this strategy, with the aim of providing our customers with excellent support even more closely tailored to their needs, after a year of preliminary tests, we have recently introduced a new, fast, extremely flexible led strip customisation service.

This is housed in a specially constructed new building of 500 m2, with installation of a new automated vertical warehouse for strip storage and a new, higher-performance cutting station for optimal management of orders for these products.

The new cutting station, which enables us to customise strip lengths, means we can meet requirements “to the millimetre” even for small lots, in very quick times, providing speedy, flexible responses to the demands of both industry and our distributor partners.

The vertical warehouse has enabled us to reduce the volume needed for storage of the over 60 articles available for customisation. Their length (over three metres) complicated their storage and handling. By introducing the automated vertical warehouse, we have reduced the space occupied by these components and increased the speed and efficiency of picking, while also improving operator safety and stock monitoring.

The third phase of this project, which fits into the total digitisation of the company’s processes, involves the development of a product configurator which will enable our entire sales network, and subsequently all customers, to generate the required article independently, choosing from the many options available, including the strip model and finish, the Flexyled type, the light colour, the switching system and, of course, the length and quantity required. The entire process can be managed from a reserved area of our website and will allow orders to be sent straight to the company.