Global Market Access: the new Domus Line global certification programme


We have made a definite commitment to facilitate marketing of our products worldwide.” This is how Alberto Zannese, Engineer and Domus Line Compliance Manager, summarises the Global Market Access project, an ambitious global certification programme undertaken by the Company in order to completely certify its entire product range, enabling export anywhere, with no problems or limitations. “

A globalised economy does not mean that products have free access to all markets”, stresses Mr. Zannese. “Regulations governing the export of luminaires are extensive, stringent and vary from country to country. Goods that don’t conform to requirements don’t get through.”

With the Global Market Access project, Domus Line, the Italian company and market leader for lighting in the furniture industry, not only confirms free access of their products to all countries in the European Union plus Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey, since the products carry mandatory CE marking, but the entire range now carries the voluntary ENEC mark. This certification scheme demonstrates testing and monitoring by an independent third party.

“When I was put in charge of compliance, I found the company had a thorough knowledge of both product and system certification”, continues Alberto Zannese. “However, the management, knowledgeable and far-sighted in respect of a changing global market where technical regulations are increasingly used to surreptitiously erect customs barriers, allocated considerable resources to a totally new certification project.”

For the North American market, Domus Line offers a vast range of products that are now UL approved. The mark certifies conformity with UL standards in the United States and CSA in Canada, with testing carried out by the independent global organisation Underwrites Laboratories Inc. North American consumers recognise the UL mark as one of the most trusted symbols and the mark certifies the Italian company’s luminaires’ constant compliance with the relevant safety regulations.

In addition, mandatory EAC certification allows smooth access for Domus Line products to Eurasian Economic Union countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia).

Furthermore, CB certification, the international passport for electrical and electronic equipment allows Domus Line products to enter many other countries more easily, whilst the RCM mark guarantees access to Australian and New Zealand. Advice on export issues supports and completes certification.

Continual updating enables Domus Line to quickly grasp any implications for product compliance caused by regulatory changes and to identify solutions in advance, thus offering business and industrial partners the opportunity to expand their markets and capitalize on international business opportunities. “We give our clients the key to trouble-free access to the markets of any country”, concludes Alberto Zannese.

The Global Market Access project adds to established system certifications in accordance with ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001 which Domus Line has implemented for many years and demonstrates its established international focus.