A new photovoltaic plant for Domus Line


A strategic choice in the new sustainability plan

Domus Line inaugurates 2022 with a new photovoltaic plant
which has just been installed on the building at the general headquarters in Porcia. With a power of 91 KWh, generated by a photovoltaic plant of 450 sqm. the company will reduce energy consumption by 75% and polluting emissions by 42.58 tons of CO2 / year.

Domus Line designs and produces LED luminaires, the most efficient technology on the planet for artificial lighting. In the last ten years, with significant investments in research and development, and the strategic choice made as early as 2008 to eliminate all its production of products using conventional – halogen and fluorescent – light sources, Domus Line has reduced its energy consumption and the consequent emission of CO2 into the atmosphere for millions of users who use its lighting systems every day.

Starting precisely from these roots, the company is pursuing its own Strategic Sustainability Plan, embracing the great global challenges and extending its own natural inclination for protecting people and the planet. With this project, Domus Line has renewed its commitment to sustainable development, underlining how environmental and social responsibility are becoming more and more an integral part of the business model, focusing on five strategic priorities: climate change, circular economy, responsible supply chain, enhancement of diversity and support to the local community.

The Sustainability Plan includes objectives to reduce environmental impact, including the optimisation of energy consumption, the achievement of carbon neutrality, recycling of production waste, widespread use of components obtained from recycled materials and the elimination of single-use plastics.  

The Sustainability Plan also focuses on the traceability of raw materials and the continuous improvement of social and environmental standards throughout the supply chain, through close cooperation with all production partners. Internal and external awareness-raising initiatives are also planned, to foster and enhance diversity and an increasingly inclusive culture. Domus Line also works to support the local community through projects with high social value for the community, also protecting children and families in situations of vulnerability.

For Domus Line, reporting on the state of progress of our projects, and setting new goals with a view to continuous improvement, aware that sustainability is not a point of arrival but a process of continuous improvement, is therefore a commitment to all its stakeholders.