Second “The LED Generation” appointment


a new seminar to talk about LED lighting with the Order of Architects of Turin

Domus Line is one of the speakers of the meeting “Innovative Technologies for the Habitat”, organized by Fondazione per l’Architettura, RBC Events and Oikos Margaria at ATRIUM in None (TO), on Wednesday May 1st at 2:30pm.

The issue of the speech will be the LED lighting in furniture. In front of an audience of architects, DOMUS Line will have the opportunity to explain and discuss the advantages of the LED technology in the furniture, the different ways for managing and controlling lights, the planning solutions for designing a LED lighting system in the furniture.



During the event, the professionals will have the opportunity to know the new LED technologies, the planning solutions suggested by DOMUS Line and the new LED devices designed for lighting up the home furniture in new and effective ways.

The meeting will end up with a question time where the participants and the company will have the opportunity to directly talk about solutions and problems of lighting inside projects.


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