Statement by Domus Line regarding the Covid-19 emergency


Domus Line is following the current Covid-19 situation carefully, both in Europe and in the rest of the world. We consider the safety of our workers, partners and customers in this health emergency as our top priority and are therefore committed to ensuring that we support and comply with the guidelines issued by the Italian government and the WHO.

In line with the guidelines issued by the national government, our company had been forced to temporarily suspend production from Thursday 25 March until Friday 3 April 2020. However, even in that period, we succeeded in guaranteeing our service and support to all our customers, partners and suppliers. Subsequently, in full conformity with the guidelines of the Italian government, the national protocol for workers’ safety and the health recommendations of the WHO, most of our employees returned to work on site on 6 April.

The production, stock and logistics departments, including the sales, research and development, marketing and operations areas, are now operating normally and we are doing everything possible to minimise any type of problem. This means that our services, including sales, technical support, marketing, accounts and conformity, are all operational and you can contact them as you usually would.

As always, we are doing everything possible to assist our customers, and our sales team is available as usual and can be contacted by phone, skype or email. Meetings and teleconferencing can be organised online on our favourite platforms such as GoToMeeting, Webex or Microsoft Teams.

Our suppliers are also returning to normal capacity but they are experiencing problems in procuring materials, due to the production capacity of their sub-suppliers being occupied by the orders which have accrued over the last 2 months. Some companies are still missing some of their employees and part of the workforce cannot yet return to work.

However, thanks to our efficient warehouse organisation and production capacity, we can assure you that we are fully operational with regard to the production and delivery of goods.

The compliant approach Domus Line has always taken to the local rules and international standards in force has stood us in good stead, enabling us to rapidly and effectively launch our emergency plans and all the protocols necessary for ensuring our employee’s safety at work.

We hope that this difficult situation, which has struck the whole world, will soon be over. We sincerely hope that all of you, your families and collaborators are staying safe, and are in good health.  We would also like to reassure you that Domus Line is taking all the appropriate health measures necessary to tackle this emergency, with the maximum support of all our collaborators, who are always available for any requirements you may have.