“The world that will be”: how will advances in science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, renewable energy and the circular economy change the future?


The sponsors of the General Assembly of Confindustria Alto Adriatico entitled ‘Il mondo che sarà’ or ‘The that will be’, held on 27 May 2023 at the Trieste Convention Center,  also included Domus Line. The event addressed current hot topics, including the progress of science, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, renewable energy and the circular economy. But the focus was above all on mankind and the future world we are building.

The conference featured high-level experts and speakers from different disciplines, who analysed current and future trends in the economy, environment, technology and society. The discussions focused on  how technological evolution and climate change are affecting the world we live in and how these factors are shaping our future.

The spotlight also fell on sustainability and the circular economy, i.e. an economic model that promotes the reuse of materials and resources, reducing waste and environmental impact. This model has become increasingly important at a time when  sustainability and environmental protection have become priority objectives.

The conference also examined the impact of artificial intelligence on society, the younger generation and the world of work, as well as the importance of virtual and augmented reality in education and training.

The Trieste Convention Center, where the conference was held, was chosen as a setting of excellence for its vocation to promote scientific and technological culture, as well as environmental sustainability. The centre is in fact equipped with advanced energy saving and waste management technologies.


In summary, the ‘Il mondo che sarà’ conference was an important moment of reflection and discussion on crucial issues for the future of humanity. The event demonstrated the importance of an integrated and sustainable vision for economic growth and technological development to ensure a better future for all.