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The latest news from the world of Domus Line.

PRESS RELEASE – Neue Westfälische – 3rd June 2020

Neue Westfälische, regional daily newspaper for the Ostwestfalen-Lippe region, in Germany, talked about Domus Line Deutschland GmbH, the new german branch of Domus Line. See the article and the translation below. Neue Westfälische, 03/06/2020. Text and photos from the Neue Westfälische are protected by copyright. Further use only with written permission of the editorial office.” Author Katharina […]

PRESS REVIEW – Möbelfertigung 31/03/2020

Möbelfertigung, one of the most authoritative German magazines in the sector, in an article on the web interviewed Loris Battel, Marketing and Communication Manager of Domus Line, about the actions taken by the company to deal with the Coronavirus emergency. Read the article (and see the translation below): Translation: To what extent are you affected […]

PRESS REVIEW – Möbelfertigung – 15 January 2020

Möbelfertigung, one of the most authoritative German magazines in the furniture sector, spoke of the opening of the new German factory Domus Line Deutschland GmbH in the newsletter of 15 January 2020. Read the article online:   translation: Domus Line’s internationalization process is enriching with an important new step; the company announces the foundation […]

PRESS REVIEW – Möbelfertigung – german edition December 2019

Möbelfertigung, one of the most authoritative German magazines in the furniture sector, in the issue 6/2019 in German spoke about the important restructuring process that Domus Line has embarked on in its production and logistics system, so innovative and complete that it has earned the nickname “holistic” 4.0. Read the article:

PRESS REVIEW – L’industria del mobile – December 2019

L’Industria del Mobile, an Italian magazine reference for the furniture industry and for the industrial and artisan interior designer, spoke of Domus Line in the issue of December 2019. In the article on pages 48-50 some of the new products that company has brought to the SICAM of Pordenone. Read the article (pages 54-55):  

PRESS REVIEW – CompoArredo – Nov/Dec 2019

CompoArredo, the leading Italian magazine for furniture companies on the activity of hardware manufacturers, accessories, technologies, components, materials and furnishing services, in November/December 2019 issue 92,  speaks the new Domus Line collections presented at Sicam. Read the article below.  

RASSEGNA STAMPA – MAC – Novembre 2019

MAC, bimestrale dedicato ai produttori di mobili, falegnamerie, allestitori fieristici, ha parlato di Domus Line nell’edizione di Novembre 2019. Leggi l’articolo a pagina 78-79.