Quality and System certifications

Company systems
designed to pursue total quality.

We complement the systems in place to ensure the quality of our processes, environmental sustainability and the health and safety of our workers in the workplace with a total quality plan.

The integrated system, which complies with the ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 international standards, is certified by an external organisation and spans a series of principles pertinent to the company’s most diverse areas of action: from customer satisfaction to integrated communication, from a meticulous administrative management to accurate risk assessment.

These management systems ensure:

  • the quality of the processes and high performances
  • operational efficiency at all levels
  • our commitment to protecting the environment and preventing and counteracting environmental pollution
  • compliance with the laws regarding environmental matters
  • the reduction of waste and the consumption of resources needed for the company processes
  • the design of products with a small environmental footprint
  • careful consideration of the potential direct and indirect impacts on the environment
  • the dissemination of the culture of safety and the engagement of the entire workforce on matters regarding prevention
  • the reduction of the number of injuries and accidents in the workplace
  • the improved quality of working environments
  • the improvement of workers’ motivation

The company management is deeply committed to supporting and disseminating the policy of quality and constantly strives to achieve improvement.

For more details contact our Compliance manager directly by writing to compliance@domusline.com.

The integrated Quality, Environment and Safety policy of Domus Line

  1. Considering the satisfaction of the stakeholders’ expectations as a key value based on which to orientate the Company’s management and operations, by systematically measuring our customer satisfaction, environmental footprint and health and safety levels, in the medium and long terms.
  2. Ensuring the full application of the rules and the ethical and social principles contained in the company Code of Ethics.
  3. Guaranteeing full compliance with the laws in force and other regulations regarding the products, the environment and the health, safety and working conditions of the workforce (social sustainability).
  4. Identifying the actions useful for protecting and safeguarding the environment and for preventing pollution of the earth/water/air by implementing operating procedures designed to monitor the influence of our work on the eco-system and by ensuring the necessary resources.
  5. Protecting the workforce from injury and professional illness, by creating a safe, healthy workplace, using the health and safety risk assessment tool, eliminating the risks if possible or, if not, minimising them by first adopting preventative measures in both the technical and organisational areas, and then implementing personal and collective protective measures.
  6. Ensuring that workers and their representatives are constantly consulted and encouraged to participate in the processes related to Health and Safety in the workplace.
  7. Presenting itself to clients as a partner capable of solving their problems and not simply as a provider of goods/services.
  8. Ensuring extensive widespread investments are made in the various company areas to develop the skills and effectiveness of the human resources in our workforce.
  9. Considering our Suppliers as an integral part of the production process, also by engaging them in the focus on the environment and in the protection of health and safety in the workplace.
  10. Systematically monitoring the integrated management system performances, with a view to continuously improving the conditions of the interested parties and the company performances, defining in the review stage the key yearly objectives and the relative interim targets.

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